GPT: AUSTIN playtest date

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GPT: AUSTIN playtest date

Post  Jason-admin on Sun Nov 20, 2011 2:38 pm

wondering if anyone is up for playtesting, if its <6 people we can do it at my house, more than that we would need to visit a shop for the day.

im thinking Wedesday @ 3 pm & possible Friday and/or Saturday @ 3 pm

(we should all play at the same shop for fnm too)

please post what times you can do and your deck you wanta test, if you can also bring a deck also if you can, if your not playing one, from the "decks to beat" thread, to help people play test).

im just guessing this is the following (not sure if all these people are even gonna come)

myself - solar flare, wolf run, u/r delver (might be judging)
nate polson - U/b control
Nick polson - BUG pod
Jason V. & kenny - Bant Pod
Andy Blea - Mono black infect
Andrew - Wolf run (might be judging)
Taco - U/b control
Marcus - U/b control
tyler - haunted humans
Aaron Gulevich - U/r delver
Richard - ? ??
Taco's friend - ????
Tenzin - MBI
Chad - ????

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Re: GPT: AUSTIN playtest date

Post  Kenny on Sun Nov 20, 2011 7:15 pm

If Richard and I are able to do it, I play both Haunted Humans and Wolf Run Ramp. Richard plays Solar Flare, but I'm unsure whether we'll be able to do it or not. I'll keep you up to date as to whether or not we can.

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