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UW Control

Post  Taco on Fri Dec 02, 2011 1:55 pm

So Ive been thinking about it the last couple days and ive been thinking that UW control might be the better call. Day of judgement is far superior to black sun's zenith. i haven't devised a list but i would be similar to what i play now but with days and o-rings and midnight haunting and such. i think its just such a powerful card, haunting i mean. I would also like to play white sun's zenith as a 2 of i think it would just be sooooo powerful. image eot tapping out to play this for 5 would be ridiculous. I would probably be end up splashing black for forbidden alchemy or cut it for ponder not sure. something ive been thinking about might have to test it out and come up with a list


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