playtesting for 1k

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playtesting for 1k

Post  Jason-admin on Sun Dec 11, 2011 9:06 pm

ok, so im going next saturday, and would really like to be prepared as much as possible. so i would like to set up some chances to test about 3-4 matches vs. the following decks vs. people who know how to pilot them, and also hopefully you are coming too lol.... if you are going saturday you should know how to beat the following:

Top 5
1. RDW
2. mono blue illusions
3. Solar Flare
4. Wolf run
5. Haunted humans

if i can get some testing in vs.

1. u/r delver
2. bant/bug pod
3. U/b control
4. MBI
5. GW tokens

anyways if you play one of these decks and would like some intense playtesting. PM me or TXT me. im trying to set up play test day on wedesday too..for all those intersted in going saturday to the 1k event in san jose.

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