Black/Red Vampires

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Black/Red Vampires

Post  Tenzin on Sat Feb 04, 2012 4:06 am

Well this might not be the best modern deck idea but I already have it full built other than the lavaclaw reaches. As well as I loved the standard vampire deck so this is a really fun deck for me.

23 creatures:
4-pulse tracker
4-gate keeper of malakir
4-vampire lacerator
4-kalastria highborn
3-viscera seer

15 spells:
4-lightning bolt
3-lava spike

22 lands:
2-marsh flats
4-blackcleave cliffs
4-dragonskull summit
4-graven cairns

There it is please tell me what I should change as well as tell me about modern because I don't really know anything about it and the meta what cards to play and what not to play. Also give me sideboard ideas again I don't know the general meta of the modern format thanks.


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