need help plz if i need to mesg sum1 plz refer me tyna

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need help plz if i need to mesg sum1 plz refer me tyna Empty need help plz if i need to mesg sum1 plz refer me tyna

Post  FugitiveOrc on Thu Jun 28, 2012 7:53 pm

ok so let me start off with i do not have a lot of money and my collection runs maybe a 1000 or so cards if not more mostly (uggh) commons lol. so any way my friend has this elf/token deck and he is just trashing me left and right no matter what i build (burn,discard,exile,etc) i am getting my butt handed to me so if you guys could help me out i would be very appreciated and lol after a few attempts i snagged his deck list and side board so read on lol.

32 creatures
1 heedless one
1 drove of elves
1 ryhs the redeemed
1 skyshroud poacher
1 tajuru preserver
1 Thornweald archer
2 nullmage shepherd
4 elvish champion
4 elvish archdruid
3 essence warden
3 imperious perfect
2 eladamri, lord of leaves
2 jagged-scar archers
2 Eurzri renegade leader
4 Llanowar elves
Spells/enchantments 15
2 overwhelming stampede
2 parallel lives
2 elvish promenades
2 descendants' path
2 Time of need
3 gaea's blessing
2 genesis wave
23 lands
20 forests
3 mystifying maze

Sideboard 11 total
5 creatures
2 fauna shaman
1 melira sylvok outcast
1 lys alana hunt master
1 gaea's herald
sorceries/artifact/enchantment 6 total
2 archangels light
2 loxodon warhammer
1 gaea's blessing
1 asceticism

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