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EDH (Commander) Rules Empty EDH (Commander) Rules

Post  Foster on Tue May 03, 2011 9:57 pm

Hey folks,

Mike Foster here, and wanted to share with you all the web site that has the official rules for EDH.

This page was the created by the judges who first started playing EDH, and when Wizards announced that EDH would become a supported format, they merged with them. When they did that, some of the rules changed.

Here is the web site: www.mtgcommander.net

The site does have a list of cards that should be avoided to create more fun experiences, but stresses that "House rules or "fair play" exceptions are always encouraged if they result in more fun for the local community."

For a list of the cards they recommend you stay away from, check out the "Social" section of the site.

EDH is one of the most fun formats in casual magic. And it can be adapted in so many fun and exciting ways (planechase, archenemy etc.). Every time I come by the shop I usually carry my EDH decks with me, I have around 14 of them and am always on the lookout to build more. Some of my decks run a few of the "avoided" cards, but they do not really overpower anything. I may post some decklists as well. I love to talk EDH.

I look forward to slinging some cards with you all.

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